Insurance for Recycling Centers

Experts in taking risk out of Recycling

Recycle Insurance Policy

 Take the risk out of Recycling- We develop coverage for recycling operations to meet the needs and risks of the industry.  Years of experience working with recycling centers means we ask the right questions and develop coverage specific to your operations reducing financial risk to your business while keeping your costs in check today as well as in the long run. 

Does Your Policy include these key coverages?

Recycle Insurance Policy

 · Pollution
· Conversion (purchasing material from a seller who does not have legal possession)
· Crime
· Selling Price Valuation
· Equipment Breakdown
· Contamination
· Business Interruption
· Professional Liability for document destruction 

Baled Coverage for your Recycling Center

Insurance for Recycling

 Our insurance Program is specifically designed for:

· Scrap Metal Recycling centers

· Plastic Recycling

· Auto Dismantling and auto scrap yard

· Electronics and Computer Recycling

· Glass Recycling

· Rubber Recycling

· Paper Recycling centers

· Textiles Recycling

· Recycled Material Brokers

Standard Coverage Offered:

· General Liability (Worldwide Product Liability)

· Property

· Commercial Auto

· Workers Compensation

· Umbrella 

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Recycle Insurance Policy